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So unbelievably true.
While I’m not saying “stuff school” of just “give up” because the current system does not support your creativity or spark your individualism… I’m saying we need to become aware of what we are not being taught…
If you seriously “hate” school or “hate” studying.. You aren’t going to evolve or help the situation for future human beings. I’m in year 12 now, and although I’ve read a few comments saying I don’t go to school or study (hahah secretly a huge nerd) I really want to express my own personal opinion when it comes to trying your best at school. No I don’t think an OP 1 (atar 99) makes you an amazing human. Your final score does not reflect your personal efforts but rather your structured and confined means of learning…
BUT why not play the game and win? Why not show the system all you have? Why not show yourself that you can learn how they want and test how they want… Only to go off and work out how to change it/better it for the next generation?
I don’t want to make this post a “congrats essena” (please just see it as an example) but this last term I graded in every subject either an A/A+. Now I put some REALLY simple and easy tips on my YouTube… But the biggest one I forgot to mention is to actually choose subjects, assignments and topics (or the angle of the topic) that INTERESTS AND EXCITES YOU. I angled my drama/English on veganism and I LOVED IT. I was actually excited to research and write up essays… Choose subjects that let you thrive. I know this may sound cliche.. But you will never enjoy school or life for that matter if you don’t start thinking and living for yourself. Don’t do things because your parents say you should, or the school says you should or society says you should. DO THINGS BECAUSE IT LIGHTS SOMETHING UP INSIDE OF YOU.
I’m trying my hardest this year (okay I have since year 4..) but it’s about being smart with your time, cutting the unnecessary pressure, choosing interesting subjects (or finding a way to get excited) and being real with assessments. “Would I enjoy reading this essay” if the answer is no ITS NOT YOUR BEST EFFORT 😉 let’s show them what we have got 👊✌️💪